Welcome to Proper Job, Devon's leading community recycling centre

Opening Times

9.30- 4.30  Monday - Saturday (All day) 


About Proper Job

Launched in 1995, Proper Job is one of the UK’s first community recycling centres nestled on the northeast edge of Dartmoor in Devon. The not-for-profit and co-operative enterprise aims to keep reusable items away from landfills by putting them on sale in an Aladdin’s cave of pre-loved treasures.

 Everything from baths, crockery and clothes to garden furniture and building materials are sold at a fraction of their original cost, meaning Proper Job customers not only save money but also go someway to leading a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

 Fiercely committed to principles of sustainability and local job creation, Proper job is also on a mission to develop more UK initiatives around conservation, waste management and recycling of the earth's resources. Training sessions and skill sharing workshops are also offered by the enterprise in its bid to promote the benefits of reusing, recycling and reducing in this modern age.


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We reached our £5000 target! Thank you for supporting us.

Reducing waste to landfill

In 2013 we diverted well over 100 tons of waste from landfill by:

Selling 57.6 tons of compostRecycling 18.7 tons of cardboard, metal, glass, textiles etc

Reusing 16 tons of reusable items like sofas, wardrobes etc

Not to mention all of the tools, materials, clothes, textiles, bric a brac, paint and toys we sell through the shop.


Reduced waste to landfill achievements and targets

2013 results 100 tons
2014 Target 120 tons
2015 Target 150 tons