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Xmas Opening Hours

We will be closed from 24th Dec 2014 until 1st January 2015

 Re-opening on January 2nd 2015

 Thankyou & Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Proper Job

Proper Job has drastically reduced the amount of waste to landfill since 1995. Our mantra is reduce, reuse and recycle.

We differ from other recycling centres as we are strongly linked to the Dartmoor community with clearly measured social, environmental and economic outcomes and governed as a not for profit cooperative enterprise.

Our mission is to develop a more efficient world where waste is a lost word of the past and all finite resources are valued, reused and recycled. Where everything we need can be bought from local and/or sustainable sources, and valuable nutrients and minerals are returned to our local natural environment.

The reality is that across the world we are consuming more and more and putting less thought in to where things come from, whether things can be repaired and where they will eventually end up. We are tucking all this plastic under the earths' blanket and hoping for the best. This is why Proper Job works so hard to raise awareness around reducing, re-using and recycling. Individuals hold the power of change in their purchasing decisions. Consider what you can buy that has been locally produced from renewable materials and think about buying second hand. The cost benefit analysis often pays off!


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Reducing waste to landfill

In 2013 we diverted well over 100 tons of waste from landfill by:

  • Selling 57.6 tons of compost
  • Recycling 18.7 tons of cardboard, metal, glass, textiles etc
  • Reusing 16 tons of reusable items like sofas, wardrobes etc
  • Not to mention all of the tools, materials, clothes, textiles, bric a brac, paint and toys we sell through the shop.


Reduced waste to landfill achievements and targets

2013 results 100 tons
2014 Target 120 tons
2015 Target 150 tons

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