If you like the beer you will love our compost!

Lovingly hand crafted form all the freshest garden clippings that are

brought to us.

Shredded and mixed to produce a veritable bacterial bonfire, feeding

hundreds of billions of microscopic life forms all generating a tremendous


Then slowing cooling and maturing and being colonised by wondrous tiger

worms who go through it all and transform it into the highest quality



Now compare that to your average peat in a bag with chemicals from the shop.

The finite resource of peat, which takes a hundred years to build one

centimetre, is ripped from the peatbog, destroying the habitat, it's then

dried and processed mixed with chemicals and shipped. A mass of carbon

dioxide is released, rather than being sequestered in the bog, it's dead and

it causes destruction.


Proper Job Compost is teeming with life, which your soil and plants benefit

from, it will build and sequester carbon in your soil, hold water, yet

encourage aeration, help heat the soil and used as a mulch smother weeds. 


What an absolute bargain!

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