We Sell

We have an ever growing sales' site. Our most visited and commented-on areas are:

Books (also CD's, DVD's Videos and Records )

Textiles, adult and children's clothes, shoes, boots, hats, scarves, accessories, curtains, furnishings, duvet, pillow covers and much more.

You can also find furniture, bric-a-brac, vintage items, craft supplies, reclamation (wood, bricks, stone, bathroom furniture etc) tools galore!

We sell our own homemade organic compost.

We are part of the Community Re-Paint scheme which means we sell tins of paint donated to us from the public and businesses that are half full or more and usable. We then re-sell the paint to the public and community groups for £1 a litre for part tins and £2 for new unused paint.

Whatever it is you need, try us first!