Proper Job's AGM 2015

Sep 28, 2015

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It’s AGM time of year again, which means an exciting opportunity to get involved with Proper Job! We invite all members, and anyone interested in helping us achieve our full potential, to attend our Annual General Meeting. Everyone who has ever bought anything from Proper Job’s Resource Centre or the Courtyard café are members.


Thursday, October 22nd at 18.00
The Courtyard Café, 76 The Square Chagford, TQ138AE


An AGM means a new Board of Directors. Get involved in the inner workings of Proper Job and help our organisation grow and thrive: let your name stand as a candidate for the board – or nominate someone you know!

Specific strengths/experience we’re looking for in board members include accounting, bookkeeping, fundraising, human resources, running profitable events/business, entrepreneurship, “big picture” people, and people with a general enthusiasm for recycling, sustainability, the environment, our community, job creation or healthy eating.

Even more than that, though, we’re looking for people who are enthusiastic about jumping in and helping our organisation be the best it can be. If you feel you could contribute, please consider serving on our Board of Directors or invite someone you believe could make a difference. We welcome nominations from all members, regardless of level of board experience.


If you’re not sure if a board position is right for you, but you are excited about getting in on the fun and would enjoy a more hands-on experience, consider becoming a coordinator and put your love and effort into a specific area of the business for example reuse and fundraising etc.

Some of the areas that have openings this year include Repair Work Shops (Youth Training), Fundraising (For site development), Events (Shows and Festivals) Planning etc. If you would like to help coordinate any of these areas and would enjoy working with a team to maintain the success of the Proper Job, we encourage you to get in touch with us!


If you have questions about the AGM, if you would like your name to stand for election, or if you want to nominate someone,  please contact

Alison Sallis
Managing Director 

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