Scotty's HotBox

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An easy and effective way of composting

£485 + VAT

Materials added to the Scotty HotBox maturation bin can be in any stage of decomposition, although with food waste, especially cooked food,  it is better for the materials to have been through a rapid hot phase which kills off pathogens and renders the material unappealing to rats. Take the materials from the Jora, Scotspin (note these are no longer available so this only refers to people who already have them!)  or Ridan and tip into the Hot box, rake the contents level.

This is also a good time to check the moisture levels. If it is wet and sloppy still you can layer in more woodchippings, sawdust etc and even paper towels, (the unbleached cream coloured ones are best, if your school gets blue ones consider procuring these unbleached ones) you can also add some cardboard to mop up excess moisture. If it is too dry, which is more usual at this stage in the process, then you can add fresh garden greens in layers, such as grass cuttings or fresh weeds etc or you can add water, through a sprinkler (or rose on a watering can) is best.

If you only have one Hot box then when it’s full you will have to scoop off the top layers and put them to one side. You should find plenty of worms under the top section, put them with the top layers too. The bottom section should yield plenty of finished compost after six to nine months or so. This can either be used immediately on the gardens or bagged up until needed. Then replace the unfinished top layer along with the worms, water if necessary and carry on adding fresh materials.

If you have two or more hot boxes then as you fill them move onto the next one when all are filled empty the first to be filled and the whole bin should be ready. If you are not happy with the look of it try sieving it. Any lumps, sticks or stones are quickly sifted out and can be tossed to one side.


  • Designed as a maturation bin for food waste after it has come out of a tumbling system
  • Large capacity and hollow board provide insulation enabling it work efficiently all year round
  • Capable of taking anything compostable as long as the mantra is followed, ie you must have air and water, so materials full of water such as fresh food waste and grass clippings must be balanced by volume with materials that add air such as tougher plant materials, woodchip or sawdust, cardboard and paper are absorbent and suck out water but do not add air.
  • Modular design means you can add more as you need
  • Sliding front board enable easy access
  • Very robust
  • Looks good – made from recycled and recyclable plastic



  • Cost £485 + Vat and delivery
  • Needs a reasonably flat level site, preferably paving slabs or similar. 


Made by Easiform Cullompton – sold by Proper Job Ltd 

To purchase please contact Alison Sallis


01647 432985




Hot Box Assembly instruction 2010@.pdf