Environmental charity Proper Job revealed its plans to redevelop the current site based in Chagford. The ambitious plans were released to over 100 members of the community at a public consultation on Monday 21stOct.

For two decades Proper Job has been leading the way in the community reuse sector. Now, in a national context of increasing interest in grassroots agency and local accountability, as espoused by the government’s Civil Society Strategy, and a demonstrable local need and appetite, the time is right for Proper Job to grow and increase its reach and impact in the Chagford area.

Proper Job created one of the UK’s first community reuse centres, so has been ahead of the game in tackling of the upper end of the waste hierarchy, working its way down from reduction of waste – primarily through education; to reuse – which accounts for most of its activities; to recycling of redundant items.

Proper Job currently have 15 lines of reclaimed resources; including books, bric-a-brac, kitchen ware, garden waste compost, electricals as well operating a broad range of recycling collections, from scrap metal to a recently launched packaging scheme that accepts the much trickier items such as wrappers, crisp packets and pens, and sends them away for reprocessing.

The site is much more than a local authority household waste and recycling centre, and as such, it makes a very visual and inspiring display of what’s possible in terms of resource conservation, which heightens local agency. At Proper Job, disposal is the last resort.

More than just a fix up the current site, Proper Job aims to expand its offer, increasing its reach in line with its charitable objectives, both in terms of educational provision and in the amount of material the organisation is able to directly divert from landfills incineration and other less sustainable processing channels. Following a review of opportunities, Proper Job intends to redevelop the Resource Centre as a way to maximise its impact. Thevibe of the site is extremely important and Proper Job intends to retain its friendly, quirky and welcoming feel whilst making the site much more user-friendly for visitors and staff.

The drawings will be available for you to view and comment here online until Friday November 8th, you can also see at Exhibition of the designs in person thought out October at 56 the Square Chagford. (Old Lloyds Bank) Please leave your feedback by completing this  survey.

Photos by Fern Leigh Albert