Devon County Council – Devon Elevation Fund Community Renewal Fund gave support for topographical survey and drainage tests to aid the long term sustainability of the business 

Proper Job has run a successful environmental project in Chagford for almost 25 years. Situated ¾ of a mile out of Chagford it is currently off grid without a mains water supply and drainage.  

The project has grown in popularity over the years and it is now vital that we upgrade our essential facilities for staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. Our capacity has increased considerably over the last five years and the basic infrastructure has not improved to accommodate this. At the root of these improvements is the need to install a water mains connection. If not updated we could be threatened with closure.

Before the Pandemic in 2019 the project was progressed to the point where planning consent was granted to install a mains connection and foul drainage. Proper Job have now received funding from the ‘Devon County Council – Devon Elevation Fund Community Renewal Fund’ in order to establish a start to planning consent so that it does not expire.

The professional plans and services required at this stage are a Topographic survey, Percolation test, foul drainage design and the project management thereof. The £4000 funding from  the Devon Elevation Fund Community Renewal Fund will enable the project to move forward to the next stage.

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