Join Proper Job for their ever popular Sustainable Christmas Wreath Making Workshop on Zoom!

Learn how to make your own beautiful and unique Christmas wreath out of upcycled discarded fabric. Join Proper Job on Zoom on Tuesday 8th December at 5pm and get in the festive spirit! These eco friendly decorations are simple to make for adults and children alike and make fantastic gifts and stunning adornments for any door.

To take part in this workshop you will need a 10″ or 12″ metal wreath ring or wire coat hanger and 250g of unwanted fabric ripped into strips, approximately 1.5″ wide by 7″ long. Cotton shirts and clothing, tablecloths and denim rip well, and a mixture of colours, textures and patterns can look really effective. You will also need some wide ribbon to make a bow, and a needle and cotton to stitch the bow on.

The workshop will start with a short informative talk highlighting the huge increase in waste over the festive period and ideas and inspiration for a more sustainable Christmas.

Tickets require a nominal donation of your choice to secure your place.