November 21


06:00 pm - 07:30 pm

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Proper Job


The Courtyard Cafe and Shop

76 The Square , Chagford, TQ138AE

Chagford, Devon, GB, TQ138AE

It’s AGM time of year again, which means an opportunity to get involved with Proper Job!

It’s AGM time of year again, which means an opportunity to get involved with Proper Job! We invite all staff, volunteers, Friends of Proper Job and anyone interested in our work, to attend our Annual General Meeting.


This AGM will be looking back at our first year as a charity, in which we all have worked hard to benefit our charitable aims which contribute to protecting and preserving the environment by:

• Promoting waste reduction, reuse reclamation, recycling, use of recycled products and the use of surplus

• Advancing the education of the public about all aspects of waste generation, waste management and waste recycling in the United Kingdom.

We have achieved this by offering:

• a variety of workshops and events attended by members of our community.

• advice on reuse and recycling from our knowledgeable staff members.

• additional recycling and reuse opportunities for our community of materials which aren’t collected by our local council.

• reuse facilities for over 15 lines such as furniture, clothing, books, tools and more.

• a facitity to take green waste and producing over 36 tonnes of compost each year.

In addition, we have contributed by supporting employment for local people. We are proud to be one of the largest employers in Chagford.

Thanks to ongoing support from Chagford residents and visitors alike we are keen to continue our support of community initiatives as we have done for the last 26 years.

The Future of Proper Job

Proper Job is flourishing and looking to the future. After over two decades of successful operation and gradual growth, the Resource Centre now needs to review the planning and efficiency of its accommodation as it is struggling to cope and is no longer fit for purpose. A collection of temporary buildings have sprung up to respond to immediate demand as it has presented itself, many of which are now in a state of disrepair, without much of the fundamental infrastructure, such as mains water or sewage disposal, that are essential to its successful ongoing operation. The health and safety of staff and customers is a top priority, and has become of increasing concern with our growth.

In response to these concerns, the Proper Job Trustees have determined that there now needs to be a strategic and holistic approach that consolidates our current offerings and builds on this growth; this involves refurbishing and replacing much of the site to allow for both current demand and our future growth.

More than just fix up the current site, Proper Job aims to expand its offer, increasing its reach in line with its charitable objectives, both in terms of educational provision and in the amount of material the organisation is able to directly divert from landfill, incineration or other less sustainable processing channels.

Following a review of opportunities, Proper Job intends to redevelop the Resource Centre as a way to maximise its impact. The atmosphere and ethos of the site is extremely important and Proper Job intends to retain its friendly, quirky and welcoming feel whilst making the site much more user-friendly for visitors and staff.

The Proper Job team are working with a local design team led by Joseph and Allen Van der Steen to prepare a new facility, to more closely suit our needs both now and into the future.

Become a Trustee

At this extemetly exciting time we are very keen to welcome new trustees to our board to help us through this transition.

Get involved in the inner workings of Proper Job and support our charitable organisation to grow and thrive. Let your name stand as a candidate for the board of voluntary trustees. Specific strengths and experience we’re looking for to include in our board: project management, accounting, book keeping, fundraising, human resources, entrepreneurship, “big picture” people and people with a general enthusiasm for recycling, sustainability and preventing climate change.

If you wish to stand to become a trustee of the charity, please contact Chair Susan Breedijk before 7th November.

Volunteer for Proper Job

If you are excited about joining the fun that Proper Job has to offer and enjoy a more ‘hands-on’ experience, consider becoming a volunteer and put your passion and effort into a specific area of the business: for example reuse, fundraising etc. Some of the areas that have openings this year include: assisting with repair workshops, fundraising and pop up events at shows and festivals. If you would like to become involved in co-ordinating and volunteering in any of these areas and think you would enjoy working within our team to help maintain the success of Proper Job, we encourage you to get in touch with us!

If you have questions about the AGM, please contact Alison Sallis 01647 432985.


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