We had a blooming marvellous day on Saturday at our hanging basket and container planting workshop. We planted up reclaimed items. Toilets, hand bags, tins and baskets, you name it we planted it! We would like to thank Mary Roe Grows( Mary-Lily Roe) for volunteering her expertise.

Everyone who attended the workshop went away with a stunning basket or container that will flourish though the summer months. Any extras have been left on the yard to decorate. Come down and have a look. Be inspired to plant up your own!

Attendees had the chance to repurpose a container of their choice, from a shopping baskets to toilets! We re-used a variety of materials from around the Proper Job site to make a stunning display that will bring a whole lot of color and joy and attract bees and butterflies too!

We learnt about what plants will thrive in chosen containers and we provided a variety of different plants and flowers to suit all environments. Attendees also learn about different composts, organic fertilizers, watering and how to prevent pests and weeds organically.