Why is compost important?

Making your own compost is one of the easiest things we can do to reduce our waste.  

Not only does it reduce waste it is a really valuable product which helps build healthy soils, increasing both water holding on poor sandy soils but also allowing drainage on heavy compacted and clay soils.

Can composting at home reduce my carbon footprint?

Yes! Compost is a sequesters carbon meaning its not wastefully released into the atmosphere, especially when coupled with no-dig gardening.  Not only this but if you make your own compost at home it will cut down on the burden of big lorries taking our compostable materials to be burnt in an incinerator.

How can composting help biodiversity?

 Making compost involves all the kingdoms of life and the amount of life in a compost heap is staggering. Applying the finished compost as a mulch on your garden provides food for a whole complex food web with a top vertebrate for every square metre. That could be a blackbird, a frog or a hedgehog etc.

What can you compost?

Anything that lived recently can be composted, however you do have to be mindful of certain things such as cooked food, which can attract rats. There are plenty of ways of dealing with the trickier ones, from Bokashi, a fermentation method, a bit like kimchi or sauerkraut but for food waste, or various sealed containers such as tumblers. These are great at starting the process of breaking down food waste so it’s not attractive to rats etc. Other strategies are used for invasive weeds and other challenging materials. The Proper Job project is particularly useful for dealing with the woodier materials which really need chipping first to be composted.

Why compost at home when I can send it off to the council?

 Making your own compost saves you money, you don’t have to buy compost in. Why give away this valuable stuff to the Council? If you are new to composting then by all means carry on letting them take away your food scraps but learn how to mix your softer garden cuttings with the tougher stuff to make a wonderful compost you can use to make your garden bloom!

If you would like to find out more about how you can compost at home join Proper Job on zoom Thursday 17th March at 5pm for a Q&A with Nicky Scott aka ‘Dr Compost’. Book your space and pay what you can afford on Eventbrite or go to www.proper-job.org/workshops.




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