We have had our efforts recognised by the Charities Commission of England and Wales we were listed as a new registered charity on June 19th. The objectives of the Proper Job Resource Centre are the protection and preservation of the environment by the promotion of waste reduction, re-use and recycling and advancing education of the general public about all aspects of waste generation, waste management and waste recycling.

Community and education is at the fore front of the Proper Job ethos, hosting free or heavily subsidised re-use and repair workshops for the community to come and learn how reduce, re-use and recycle. The diverse range of workshops aim to educate all ages, learning how other people’s waste can be used to create something new or how to breathe new life into the old and tired.

Originally founded in 1995 as a not for profit and co-operative enterprise, Proper Job was one of the UK’s first reuse centres, aiming to keep reusable items away from landfill and is fiercely committed to the principals of sustainability and education to conserve resources.

The process of becoming a registered as a charity has taken a year of hard work. Managing Director Alison Sallis said:

‘This is an important mile stone for the Proper Job Resource Centre it is fantastic that our hard work has been recognised by the Charities Commission. Now we are a charity we will be able to focus on our main objectives to reduce waste and protect the natural environment.’

The Proper Job Resource Centre CIO are now looking to recruit a board of voluntary trustees to support the project with strategic decisions.

If you would like to get involved, or you wish to donate to the project please visit the website www.proper-job.org or email info@proper-job.org