Christmas is one of the most wasteful times of the year. We have put together a few fun tips to encourage you and your family to have a Green Christmas. Check out the Proper Job hierarchy to giving gifts

Reduce – Reduce the amount you buy. Don’t bundle up on gifts. Tempting as it may be to add on a few little extras here and there, it’s makes for a much better experience for the gift to bask in the glory of one lovely, wonderful thing that needs no accompaniments. By giving less you’re also contributing less to the vicious cycle of cheap and disposable items destined for landfill.

Preloved toys at Proper Job – The perfect sustainable stocking filler.

Give your time, memories and experiences. – Try giving your time, help a friend or give an experience or course where the lucky recipient will try or learn something new. There are so many local social enterprises and micro businesses offering workshops. Learn new skills in DIY with Touch Wood make your own boots at Green Shoes. Learn to bake at Kneed to connect.  The possibilities are endless and the benefits are huge.

Buy Second hand – It goes without saying Proper Job is here for all of your second hand needs, from clothing to crockery and books to beds we have something for everyone. We even do gift vouchers! Pre-used goodies might not scream Christmas, but you’ll be amazed at what you can find on sites such as Preloved or Ebay where you truly can contribute to the reduce, reuse, recycle cause. Many items listed are brand new and have never been used at all, and some perhaps just once for a special occasion. If you have a certain gift in mind, spend a little time searching and you could save a lot of money and help the planet too.

Upcycle and make – As the cold dark winter nights are drawing in there is nothing better to do that to get crafty. Handmade gifts can mean so much more, bake, draw, stitch and paint your way to a more ethical yuletide

 Christmas wreaths made from clothing and rags destined for landfill made at a Proper Job workshop. 

Buy Ethical – Buy with a conscience, support your local shops, buy fairtrade and organic. Avoid giving your well earned cash to multinational corporations and support those around you who are doing good things for your community and environment.

Buy New – Buy new as a last report, if you can’t avoid it make sure that you buy good quality items that will stand the test of time.