Learn how to turn your green waste in to beautifully fertile compost that your plants will love.

West Devon council are no longer able to provide the garden waste service free of charge in the face of significant cuts to funding. They have introduced a new ‘opt in’ garden waste subscription service to replace the current free collections. The service is fortnightly and costs £40 per year.

In light of this, Proper Job offered a free workshop on Saturday 19th August – ‘how to compost your own garden waste and have great results’.

The workshop was run by Proper Job’s very own Dr Compost (Nicky Scott). We showed you through the processes of composting garden waste, food waste and even humanure! If you would like to enquire about future workshops, please contact Alison Sallis on 01647 432985 or email info@proper-job.org.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to sign up for a whole year with the council or make your own compost you can bring your green waste down to Proper Job and we will compost it for you. We charge 50p per council size bag or £8 per m3.